Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a security/bear box for everything?
Does the camera send all images each upload?
Can I delete images by image number from my computer?
Can I clear images from the software on the camera?
When the images are uploaded what size are they?
What type of batteries should I use?
What is the time it takes for a picture to become available on the website?
When the camera is uploading images is it still taking pictures?
How do I get the high res large images?
If someone steals my DRONE can they use it on their camera that has DRONE capabilities?
Does the camera require an SD card?
What is the expected battery life with the DRONE system and the 12-volt battery box?
What is the expected battery life with just AA batteries?
Can I see the pictures as the camera is taking them?
Can I switch cameras and use the same DRONE unit? And if so, what do I have to do to make it work?
What size memory card can I use?

Drone Camera
What is the max amount of files that will be the limit for each scheduled upload?
Will it just start up with another upload sequence if it was maxed out in the first scheduled upload?
How do I reset the DRONE Remote unit?
How can I tell if I’m in cellular range for the DRONE System?
Can I upload videos with the DRONE System?
How many cameras can I use with one DRONE Remote unit?
Can I use any other cameras with my DRONE Remote unit?
What does it mean when I have all 8’s on my LCD screen?
Is the infrared flash invisible?
Why won't my camera power up even though everything is connected?

Command Hub
What does the time stamp under the “Delete All” mean?
What does it mean when it says “Camera Connection - ERROR”?
What does the yellow ring around my location mean?
How do I know when the batteries on my camera itself are getting low?
What does it mean when I go under my Photo Gallery and it say “No Image Found”?
Can I login from anywhere?
Under the “Configuration” tab, if I delete all the images off the camera do they stay in the “Photo Gallery”?
How long from when I “Import Hi-Res” images in my “Preview In-box” before it shows up in my “Photo Gallery”?
How long does it take before it sends a notification?
Why is my GPS location/GPS elevation showing incorrectly on the website?
Why are my images not instantly on the website when I scheduled it to be?
Which platforms and browsers will DRONE support?

Data Plans
How long is the contract on the Data Plans?
Can I turn off my DRONE data plan during months when not in use?
Is there a charge for re-activating my DRONE?
What happens if I exceed my data plan's limits?
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?
How am I billed?

If I charge the DRONE with Solar, will it charge the camera too?
How should the 12Volt Battery Box be connected?
Do you sell replacement cables if mine gets damaged?
When using the AC Wall Adapter to recharge your battery, do I need to unplug the DRONE system from the battery box?
Can I use rechargeable batteries in the camera?
If the memory on the camera is FULL, does the remote unit still communicate?
Will I lose my images and settings when the batteries die?
What are my options if my camera is past its warranty?
Can I use my game camera through a window or glass door?
Do I need to recharge my 12V Battery Kit during the seasons it’s not in use?
My power cable keeps falling out of the DRONE Remote, how to I stop that from happening?